Providing authentic food as medicine to direct primary care

Through the use of OTL's white label software and proprietary network of food service providers, we offer access to truly personalized and medically tailored meals.
White label software
Save time prescribing diets
Integrated patient reporting
Improve diet adherence
Delicious meals for patients

The OTL platform is stacked with service providers in mind

At OTL, we believe in personalized solutions for health. That is why we have built our system and food service network from the ground up with your patients in mind. In order to unlock true illness prevention through food, we must unlock truly personalized nutrition.

For Chefs: Let us do the hard part, so you can
be the healthcare hero

It takes years to develop a consistent pipeline of client referrals, targeted marketing campaigns and a large client rolodex. With OTL you simply join our network of qualified chefs and let us do the rest. Through our targeted healthcare partners, we plug you in directly with clients who desperately need your services. Cook the food you love and become an expand your opportunities beyond restaurants.

Connect with clients in one click

OTL's intuitive dashboard, makes it easier than ever for potential clients to reach out and experience your culinary brilliance. By completing a short onboarding process, high quality interested clients can connect with you directly, streamlining the process and opening the door for new career opportunities.

Provide your patients medically tailored meals today

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