toolbox for
nutrition therapy

Food as medicine is the future. Off The Line's medically tailored experience makes healthy eating easy for your patients, regardless of their circumstances.

We operationalize food as medicine

Eating healthy on a consistent basis is easier said than done. Healthcare providers traditionally have only offered nutrition counseling and indirect dietary support, unable to reach the patient in their home.

Off The Line is changing that. Leveraging our unique relationship between clinics and foodservice partners, we enable providers to prescribe the meals they wish their patients were eating.

Your patients
are the focus

Our dietitian-powered system helps your patients adhere to the right diet and enables a healthier lifestyle.

At Off The Line, we strive to make every person's nutrition therapy as impactful as possible. Our personalized approach to nutrition therapy means that we truly listen to your patients' needs in order to provide them with a medically tailored experience.

Custom onboarding process with a focus on personal nutrition goals
Adherence to dietary restrictions, allergies, and specific health conditions
Dietitian approved meal programs delivered locally
1:1 dynamic patient support